Learn Trick Photograpyh with Evan Sharboneau

1-evan_sharboneauHave you ever seen photographs either online or in a magazine that made you go “wow?” You know, those photographs that seem to challenge the laws of nature and logic. These pictures are actually part of a growing trend known as trick photography. And if Evan Sharboneau is to be believed, then you can do trick photography without having to take a full course in photography or buying expensive equipment.

Evan is the author of the Trick Photography and Special Effects eBook and tutorial and he promises to teach you easy-to-follow techniques that will make you do trick shots like the pros in no time.

You are probably wondering who Evan Sharboneau is and what his credentials are. He is a 19-year old artistic photographer who is not afraid to do some experiments with his camera to create photos that are out of this world. He accidentally started with trick photography at the tender age of 14 when he got bumped while taking a photo of the family Christmas. The resulting photo impressed him and made him decide to study trick photography seriously.

Trick Photography & Special Effects is already in its 2nd edition. Evan promises to follow the success of the 1st edition by providing more useful information. You can then use this information to take shots with breathtaking special effects that will surely leave your friends gasping in disbelief.

flying_catThe package includes a 295 page eBook, 9 hours of instructional videos and more than 300 samples of trick photography from some of the best photographers in the world. This product will not only instruct you on how to take better pictures it will also inspire you and inject you with fresh ideas for trick photography that you can try right away.

Of course, you can always the long traditional long arduous and more expensive path of learning trick photography by trying to figure it out all by yourself or by taking courses. You can read all the photography magazines you want but you would be lucky to find in them the secrets that Evan reveals in Trick Photography and Special Effects. And even if you take a course under a seasoned pro, you can’t be sure that he will tell you all the tricks that he knows.

Evan is a very impatient man. He neither has the time nor the resources to learn trick photography the traditional way. This is why he searched for the shortcuts and found them and now he is sharing them with all of us in wonderful eBook and training course.

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